Wow! That was some serious stuff, man. The Bernard Samson epic is behind me and they were some great times. The ending was only okay, but that didn’t detract from the total experience. This was a masterful spy story, romance, and drama all wrapped in to one and I think any serious fan of the spy genre should undertake it if they have a few months to spend.

Here are the other books in order with links to my posts on each.

I say spy story, which it is at heart, but it offers so much more.


The ending was part Agatha Christie, part TV thriller, and part Lifetime romance. In the expanse of a chapter, we have an Agatha Christie style meeting in a conference room with a big reveal, we have a frantic run down a flight of stairs to foil a bomb plot, and we have a love quadrangle busted up and partly put back together. It was a bit much to take in, but it worked okay for me. It had to end eventually.

It’s not where you end up, it’s how you get there. That statement may be applicable to reading more than to many other endeavors. This was a great endeavor.