What an epic this is. The Bernard Samson novels number 10 if you consider Winter, the only one not in a trilogy. Hope is the second to the last one, so I’m just about done. It’s been quite a ride, comparable to Game of Thrones as far as pure enjoyment goes.

It’s making me a little sad that this thing is getting wrapped up. I’ve been hanging out with this crew for about 18 months and some 3,000 pages. I’ve plumbed the depths of Abe Books and dealt with the sometimes nasty smell of 20-year-old paperbacks, but it’s been worth it.

I had no idea when I started Berlin Game back in November of 2011 that I would get this sucked in. Heck, I tried reading Deighton as a high school kid and didn’t like him. Now here we are.

Samson is in more trouble with his superiors and getting more rambunctious as the days go by so I fear some more violence and sadness in the end. I just don’t see this ending happily. I’ll know soon.