CSI – Black Sabbath Episode

I heard about this via the KSHE Twitter feed a few months ago. I actually put it on my calendar at that moment because that’s the only way I’d remember to watch a network TV drama. Then I got a little advert on the way home yesterday while listening to a CBS radio station, so I was fired up for some Ozzy.

It opened with about a full song from the new album performed within the show and it was pretty good. They played another later in the show. I’m game. I’ll buy the album probably.

I haven’t watched a network drama in a while. It was a little more warped than I expected, with some pretty graphic death scenes, but not bad in general. It was good to get re-acquainted with actors I figured were washed up, like Elizabeth Shue, Tim Matheson, Annabella Sciorra, and Eric Roberts.

What’s with that? Is CSI breathing life into these people or mocking them? I’m going with “breathing life into” based on the great job Shue does playing a tough, serious cop.

Well, I won’t watch again, unless CSI highlights another band I like. In fact, the last time I watched CSI was when the Miami version played some Pelican.