I’m John Steffen and I post stuff here. I can’t help myself. Be thankful I’m not clogging up your Facebook timeline with this junk.

I started doing this blog thing in January 2006 because it was an easy way to keep a book journal. Before that, I used a pencil to jot down notes upon finishing a book, which I would promptly lose and never see again. It eventually hit me that writing stuff down wasn’t efficient at all, so I started making digital notes via a Blogger blog. I converted to WordPress about a year later and haven’t looked back.

I’ve stopped and restarted a few times, but I’ve finally settled on a slightly expanded set of subjects. I’m on a tight leash, mostly writing about things I like, categorized primarily into work, play, and golf. Check out the Archives page for a complete overview. Check out the More page for contact info and other administrative details.

Putting my thoughts into text form forces me to be more mindful of stuff I consume. It’s also kind of therapeutic. This article by Dave Winer describes a whole bunch of other reasons to write/blog and they all make sense to me.

I fear though that I’m not very good at writing and I realize the only way to get better is to keep doing it. Here’s a great article by Seth Godin on improving your writing that I’ve taken to heart. I don’t write every day, but it’s on my mind a lot. Thanks for stopping by.