The Equalizer

Denzel Washington is a top provider of entertaining violence. You don’t feel guilty watching a shoot-em-up if someone with Denzel’s acting chops is involved. That’s just me rationalizing stuff again, but there is an element of truth to it.

In this movie, Denzel plays an exc-CIA guy who now works at a home store but has a part time gig as a vigilante on the side. He pushes the vigilante gig a little too far when he takes out a batch of Russian mobsters in Boston. This causes the real Russians from Russia to send a guy to clean up the mess and get the business back on track.

That was a mistake, on the part of the Russians. The more people they sent after Denzel the more people he killed and the more stuff he blew up. It was like Taken but with more killing, and instead of wife and daughter being threatened, it was friends and acquaintances.

I’ve always said Man on Fire was Denzel’s best action flick, but this one beats it I think.