I loved this movie. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. It could be that I harbor this desire to hike a big long trail like Cheryl Strayed did. Or it could be that I just like messing with outdoor equipment. Or maybe it’s inspiring for┬áme to hear about people pushing beyond their limits. Regardless, this movie hit all those notes smack on!

It’s about a woman who went through a rough patch in her life (mom died, she got divorced, did drugs) and decided to hike the Pacific Coast Trail to clear her head and find herself. She did it. It took her 96 days and it seems to have made her a better person.

Some people may find this movie somewhat plodding. Who wants to watch someone struggle with camping equipment over and over? Well, I do. I was engrossed from the get-go. My fears of wishing I had read the book instead, like I had after Unbroken, were unfounded.

I liked the way her story was told with flashbacks. It kept the hiking first and foremost and tied everything together. I’m not sure how embellished the trail stories were, but there were some that were very nerve wracking. I won’t read the book now, I don’t see the point.