Draft Day

The problem is whenever I see a Browns game now I think to myself, “Wow, I guess Costner did put together a decent team.” In case you haven’t noticed the Browns are better this year than they have been in years, which coincides roughly with this movie. Weird huh?

Probably not. I’m joking because this movie was kind of a joke, but a highly enjoyable one.  I watched it with Gail and my brother-in-law and his wife while we were visiting in Denver. Ironic, because Denver is the great foil of my previously-beloved Browns from my childhood (The Drive). I no longer care about the Browns though so no big deal.

This isn’t cracking any football movie top five lists any time soon, but it’s passable for shining some light on the back office workings of the NFL. It seems to aim for the football equivalent of Moneyball and comes up a little short, mostly because it’s fiction, but it’s a good change from all of the on-field style movies that seem to dominate the genre. The NFL gave them full support so you had to expect something a little whitewashed.