The Gun Seller

This book was written by Hugh Laurie, the dude who played House, which I’ve never seen. I’m familiar with his work though from Sense and Sensibility, where he nailed it, albeit in just a small part. He’s an actor, comedian, and a musician, so he covers all the angles, which probably means it should not come as a surprise that this book combines thriller aspects and humor aspects. In fact, it’s almost overly humorous at times, so much so that it could take away from the thriller aspect.

Depending on your mood, that could be good or bad. I found it mostly good. I read this book during a long weekend vacation in Vancouver and it was awesome escapist fare that made the flight go very quickly. It was funny as heck but with enough thrill to keep me turning the pages (that’s switching my mindset to seeing the glass half full).

It’s a decent story that skips around a lot and never gets boring. The bad guys are a mixture of terrorists and the CIA, which is pretty standard stuff, but the details of the evilness are pretty creative. There’s a love interest also.

Oh yeah, this was the first book I’ve read on my iPad mini, ever. It’s not a bad reading experience and means I don’t necessarily need to haul my Kindle on every trip.