Homeland – Season Three

Whoa, this season was intense. I’m watching it a year late so I don’t get to see any reviews, but it doesn’t seem to dominate the award shows like the first season did. In my view, I think it just keeps getting better. I’m in lockdown mode on Homeland news now because we’re in the middle of season four and I won’t be able to see it until next summer. This hasn’t been hard to manage thus far.

This is turning in to Carrie’s (Clare Danes) show and I wonder if that’s really the arc of the story or if Damien Lewis just wanted out. Either way, I don’t care. All of the characters are interesting¬† so it doesn’t matter.

I’ll tell you who is a great actor: Tracy Letts. He was a great addition in the role as a surly congressman. I’ve known about the guy forever because he’s a Chicagoan, but I’ve never really seen him because he does mostly stage stuff, both writing and acting. He really nailed the role and I hope he comes back for season four.

There are twists and turns that don’t make sense really and are way far-fetched, but who cares. This is just engrossing stuff.