This is Where I Leave You

Round two of movie/Frank Lloyd Wright weekend with my mother and Gail included this movie on the big screen on a Friday night. Whoo hoo! This was an ensemble drama that was pretty decently funny and moving. In general, I like the family carnage style movies that occur with a big life event at the home of the parents and all of the siblings and their spousal types. Three recent ones come to mind.

  • Rachel Getting Married
  • The Family Stone
  • Dan in Real Life

I think This is Where I Leave You holds it’s own with these. My mom and Gail liked it. Things started a little stressful because we had a harrowing drive to the theatre during the Friday night rush and it made me want to move out of Chicago, but the we got there just in time and all was good with the world.

That Jason Bateman dude always seems to play the same character, but I don’t get tired of it. The guy is damn funny. Good movie, but certainly wait until the rental.