Beware, there’s a good chance my take could be clouded by the bad reviews this thing got when it came out. This is an ex-criminal gets pulled in for one last job to save his family story. Gail and stumbled upon it on hotel HBO while on vacation. That’s gratuitous TV watching, I know.

It’s a tense thriller, I’ll give it that. Contrived, with multiple tiers of double crosses, and some implausible timing, but okay.

The Panama angle and the overhead shots of some Panamanian port city were pretty cool. I just saw something in American Way about Panama. That may be a cool place to visit.


One of the bad guys says to another bad guy:

Flying solo ain’t for sidekicks.

That about sums it up. It feels kind of sterile, with the happy ending and all, but we enjoyed it, in a distracted way.