Tig Notaro Live

This is wild stuff. This comedienne named Tig Notaro did a comedy show a few days after finding out she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I heard about it via an email from Louis C.K. (I’m on the list because I purchased his self-produced comedy show about a year ago). I paid $5 for Notaro’s 30+ minute audio file at Louis C.K.’s website, but now I think she’s selling it on iTunes.

She tells this story at the five minute point about walking home from the doctor after getting the bad news and gets confronted by a guy who notices her staring blankly and tries to get her attention by saying, “Sir, sir, sir.” She says she’s usually not bothered by it because she has a bowl haircut, so it’s not uncommon. But this sets her off.

… I just got diagnosed with breast cancer! In both breasts. That’s how much I’m not a man …

She actually said this, I think. She presses further, but I’m not sure if she actually said this next part or if she’s just making comedy about the absurdity of it all.

… If I have a double mastectomy, maybe six months from now, I will answer to sir.

Note also that she mentions that men can get breast cancer too.

It’s weirdly funny. I’m into this indie-produced comedy stuff and this topped off a decent year that included Aziz Ansari and Jim Gaffigan. It ends up being a 31 minute routine and she rocks it. I laughed a lot, but it was more sobering than funny. She got through it. Here’s her visit to Conan in the middle of September 2012. Her prognosis is great. Good news.