Jim Gaffigan Mr. Universe

I’m purchasing more of this comedy stuff and really starting to enjoy it. Twitter seems to be the main portal for alerting me to new, DRM-free, independently produced comedy, but I wonder if there’s some other method of discovery that I’m missing out on. Twitter is so powerful in the areas of sports and comedy, which remain my primary uses of the app, but I haven’t seen anything new despite following a pack of comedians.

So, to Mr. Universe – Gaffigan is hilarious. Much like Louis C.K., Gaffigan preys on human shame. He’s ashamed because he didn’t like Disney World, ashamed when he looks at Facebook, and especially ashamed when he goes to McDonald’s instead of working out. The McDonald’s stuff is really cool. He says:

It’s all McDonald’s!

By that he means that we all have our fast, simple, dirty pleasures. That person the other day who told you they don’t go to McDonald’s, probably just spent the whole weekend in bed watching five seasons of Lost on Netflix. The dude who turned his nose up at the Big Mac the other day probably just spent all day Sunday horizontal on the couch eating a huge bag of Lay’s potato chips and watching twelve hours of football.

It’s all McDonald’s!

Do you eat Subway, stay in hotels, or make fun of whales? Then you’ll like this.

The whale stuff had me laughing so hard in the Charlotte airport that the people in my bank of chairs were getting visibly annoyed. I’m only a little bit self-conscious about laughing in public. It’s cool to see strangers laughing. I always want to ask them, “What’s so funny?” but I never do. I guess that’d be weird huh?

Gaffigan uses the repeat tactic pretty effectively. I’m not sure what the official comedy term is, but he’ll be in a piece and keep repeating a phrase or sound during natural breaks in the comedic action. It works for me. I’ve already mentioned the “It’s all McDonalds” repeat example, which I loved and find myself using occasionally. He does the same with “What room are you in?” and with a whale sound. I’m smiling just thinking about it.

I’ll buy more of this comedy stuff for $5 if I can find it. Send tips to me via Twitter if you’re so inclined.