Jack Reacher

It has to be tough for an author to see their work on the big screen. The chance of the film hitting all the right points even if the author is actively involved is pretty slim. That’s why Sue Grafton hasn’t sold out, because she knows Hollywood will “savage” her work and she can’t bear to do that to her main character Kinsey Millhone.

I respect Grafton a lot for this but it’s also kind of frustrating. I would like to see someone give it a shot, but deep down I don’t think Grafton’s novels would work on the big screen.

Now Lee Childs’ character Jack Reacher – there’s a guy almost tailored for the big screen. The transition was pretty damn smooth even given the height difference between book and film. I’ve avoided Tom Cruise since the couch jumping incident, but this was a fine re-entry into his movies.

This is the first Jack Reacher movie but it’s the seventh book, which was titled One Shot. I read it a few years ago and remembered the book only vaguely so the mystery unfolded somewhat naturally for me. It’s a good mystery with some plausible twists.


I did recall there being a great “assault on the castle” scene and I remarked about it in my write-up. It was solidly done in the movie, with Robert Duval doing a good job as Reacher’s comrade-in-arms.

I’m good with this franchise but I stopped reading the novels at number eight. Reacher just started to get crowded out by Millhone, Smiley, Robicheaux, and the Starks and Lannisters. I may pick it up again soon.

Also of note, I recognized Lee Child with the cameo. He was the desk cop when Reacher got out of jail.