Greatest Hits – The Guess Who

I bought this my freshmen year in college at a time when I was branching out from 80’s hair metal and getting into classic rock. I abused it. I put it on a cassette and listened to the heck out of it in my car. I didn’t know the names of any of the guys in the group, but I had heard These Eyes, No Time, and American Woman and figured it was all good stuff. Yeah, it’s still pretty much all good stuff.

Amazon sent another email with a list of 100 albums for $5 and this was on it. They saw me coming.

My knowledge of The Guess Who’s catalog is limited. I only know the songs on this greatest hits album. Here is a link to their Wikipedia site if you want to dig into their history. DO NOT click on their official website because it re-sizes your browser. I hate it when designers do that. Not cool.

The amount of Canadian bands I’ve been consuming this year is odd. I don’t get it. I’ve purchased about eight albums this year and three have been Canadian (RAA and Arcade Fire). I don’t think that’s a trend that can continue.

There are a ton of great songs on this album. This greatest hits has a good mix of folksy rock, hard rock, ballads, and rock’n’roll. I apologize to all of the purists for only owning the greatest hits album. When is it okay just to own a greatest hits album? I don’t have a problem with it. Heck, I strongly suggest grabbing Somewhere Back in Time and From Fear to Eternity if you want a great slice of Iron Maiden. I’m not going to go Maiden-elitist on you.