It’s been 6 months since Gail and I have been to a movie house so we decided to catch a movie on this summer holiday weekend. We grabbed the 8pm Bridesmaids at Webster Place on a whim when a friend told us she was going, also on a whim. Lest you get the mistaken feeling that my life is full of whimsy, know that Gail and have been plotting to see a movie on the big screen for weeks but haven’t pulled the trigger.

We fire up Flixster some Fridays and ask the question, “Anything good playing?” Hmmm, not good enough to haul our tails to the complex. Premeditated movie going has been effectively replaced by premeditated watching of TV shows in iOS or watching of sports.

But when we got the call, we didn’t hesitate to scurry around and find keys, wallet, and sweatshirt for the quick trip to see Bridesmaids. The time was right to reacquaint ourselves with the movieplex. Glad we did it. It was really funny.

Kristen Wiig, whom I was completely unfamiliar with, wrote it (or co-wrote) and starred in it. It kind of makes me want to watch Saturday Night Live again, but I won’t. I’m not sure what inspired her to put in the Chicago/Milwaukee connection, but it worked well for me, as did the raunch-level. I laughed uncontrollably on a few occasions. Besides Wiig, the sidebar characters were really good. This woman named Melissa McCarthy killed it and Terry Crews (you’ll recognize him) had a great cameo.

See it. Okay to wait for rental though.