Huge Bunker at Harborside Starboard Can Be Seen From Space

On the back nine at Harborside Starboard you’ll find a bunker that’s with you a lot. I’m talking about the massive waste bunker that slaps you in the face on the 11th and doesn’t leave you completely until you make the green on the 15th. Luckily we have a great satellite photo, thanks to Google Maps, to help us examine it.

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Huge. I’ve verified with the clubhouse that it’s a waste bunker, so you can ground your club in it. It’s a little more nicely groomed than your average waste bunker, but once you step in, there’s no doubt about it’s character because it has a lot of pebbles and the sand is pretty coarse.

Nugent and the crew of designers definitely had a sense of humor. See if you can find the characters they’ve embedded in the bunker. I see the villain from Scream and a pony-tailed laughing man. But you have to look closely.

It will befuddle you on the par four 11th hole, but just aim at the 150 yard marker. It will creep up on you on the par five 12th hole, so just stay to the right. You leave it for a hole when you go to the tough par three 13th. On the par four 14th, it will force you to make a decision on how much you can bite off, so make sure to test the wind. And finally, it will box you in on the short par four 15th, so don’t do anything crazy. It’s one of the great waste bunkers in Chicagoland, so enjoy.