A Mind to Murder

The second book in the Adam Dalgliesh series by P.D. James. Oh, I’ll read all of these at some point. This one takes place in a psychiatric hospital and you get to know all of the key players as the clues are released. Nice ending.

Downton Abbey – Season Five

This thing has run it’s course pretty much. Oh, we still watched, but it doesn’t have the same zip that it did a few years ago. It remains an important program for Gail and I for nostalgic reasons because it’s the first show we discovered when we nuked cable about five years ago. We have┬ácable back, don’t worry, but this reminds us that no big cable conglomerate will ever have control over our lives (at least “complete” control). Continue reading

Note About Forthcoming Content

It’s about this point where I started to significantly decrease the amount of time spent on this blog. I can’t quite explain it, it’s mostly a combination of being busy, being lazy, and being bored. I’m not sure when I’ll be back to full blast on this. I’ll at least keep track of books and screened entertainment so I can record what I’ve read/watched, but it will be brief.

The Man in the High Castle

I had no idea what to expect from this novel. I bought it years ago in Kindle format because Amazon cajoled me into it with a sale and some algorithm-based sales push. Then Gail mentioned that it was coming out in TV format and that she wanted to watch it, so my hand was forced and I cracked the book open. Continue reading