Bodyweight PT Starts at 8am (changed) for Spacca Black Dog

I’ve made a minor change and I’ll be at Eckhart Park at 8am Saturday, June 20th, for some Bodyweight PT. That’s a half hour earlier than originally noted. See the workout after the jump.

  • 20 reps each, one trip through
  • 3 burpees after each (51 total)
  1. Push-ups
  2. Squats
  3. Atomic sit-ups
  4. Alternate lunges
  5. Push-ups (round 2)
  6. Crabsters
  7. Planksters
  8. Squat jumps
  9. Yanos
  10. L sit scissors
  11. HIALS
  12. Plank toe taps
  13. Rocket girls
  14. Squat toe taps
  15. Sit-ups
  16. Side plank stars
  17. Side lunges

It should take less than a half hour. That gives me a half hour to cool down and stretch, and maybe change shirts, before meeting at Big Shoulders Coffee. I don’t expect anybody to show up for this and it’s technically not part of the hike. But I’m putting it out there, if you’re interested.