The Escape Artist

The Brits have a monopoly on the creep factor. It amazes me that they create so man TV mini-movies with really, really creepy villains. This PBS Masterpiece Mystery thing is two episodes of about 90 minutes each starring David Tennant, the guy from Broadchurch, and his nemesis is one creepy dude.

All this is good, in my view. Much like I have a high tolerance for raunch, I have a high tolerance for creepiness (the main thing I don’t tolerate is horror, not a fan). Gail, at times, will turn away when the creepy character intersects with a good character, at which point I’ll have to narrate. I had to do so a few times during this show. No worries. That’s cool.

This is a well-done little piece of TV with nice tension and a fair amount of mystery. There were a few characters with some gaps, like the son and someĀ of the good cohorts, but I understand that there wasn’t enough time in the show to fill them in. The climax and lengthy post-climax were exciting stuff. Nicely done.