Gail is a British TV junkie. I can’t blame her, there is some compelling stuff on TV over there. But I’ve seen The Wire so I know American TV is the best. That being said, she dug up this Broadchurch show (not sure how) and it turned out to be quite captivating. We haven’t watched a TV show together in a long time so the time was ripe.

It’s a murder mystery that came out in August and we bought the eight-episode series on iTunes. I hear they are making an American version. That’s cool.

It’s about the murder of a child in a coastal, tourist town. It’s the kind of town where they don’t have murders. Oh yeah, and everybody knows everybody else’s business, except for some really secret things. The top detective in the local police department is a woman named Miller. The show starts out with Miller getting passed over for a promotion when a controversial big city copper from London, Hardy, gets her job and becomes her boss. He’s kind of nuts. They both know their stuff.

The mystery is solid, but I made the call on the murderer half way through. I was right, but my call was based on an erroneous assumption, so that kind of nullifies it. It didn’t ruin it for me though. It had a lot of tension.

They really aced the interaction between Miller and Hardy. It’s a cool relationship. They say “Broadchurch will be back” at the end, but I’m not sure how it will continue based on the ending.

Worthwhile, for sure.