Safety Not Guaranteed

This was a sweet movie, but not the overly done kind of sweet that leaves a sticky film in your mouth that you want to cleanse with beer or coffee. It was a good sweet. It was also pretty hilarious. It’s about a Seattle writer for an indie magazine who piles into his Escalade with two interns for a trip to a resort town where he’s charged with seeing if there’s an angle to a classified advertisement recruiting for someone to participate in time travel.

Really, he just wants to see an old girlfriend, but he still gives the story its due; or should I say, his ace intern gives the story its due. Hilarity ensues.

Gail researched this a little and she said it was made for $750,000 and grossed over $4 million at the box office. That seems like a decent return, but probably not by Hollywood standards. I wish more movies like this got made. I like them.

You don’t know the story of the time machine until the very end, which causes a delicious feeling of anticipation. You also get blindsided a little by the touching nature of the side stories. This sat in our Netflix queue far to long. We should have watched it sooner. Good stuff.