Sherlock – Season Three

Gail and I are done with all three (so-called) seasons of Sherlock. Each season is not really a season in the American network TV sense; each one is actually a trilogy, made up of three 88 minute episodes. They never deviated from this formula in the slightest. It was effectively like watching nine full-length movies over the last few months. We even made some microwaveable Boy Scout kettle corn once to simulate the movie-going experience (thanks nephew Paul). Awesome.

Even more awesome was the fact that this thing just kept getting better as it went along. I was a little tepid on it after season one, I got it during season two, but season three hooked me with the introduction of a pack of new characters, some twisted plot lines, and great chemistry in general between the characters.

It’s very British, which most people either love or hate. Sherlock is actually a protector of the empire somewhat like James Bond is, except Sherlock doesn’t travel to exotic locations during the show, he stays in London. There are plenty of great London scenes. That’s a cool city.

Season three had more humor, drama, evil, intrigue, and emotion than the first two seasons. All the characters have evolved and their relationships to each other have strengthened. There hasn’t been any exodus of characters like Downton Abbey, maybe because the character base and the scope of the show are a little tighter. I hope this things lasts a while.