Sherlock – Season One

This is complicated stuff, but you may not need to grasp every nook and cranny of the show to enjoy it. It goes so fast and hops around so much that it may require review or re-watching to really appreciate it. Gail and I didn’t go there, we just lapped it up, and it was pretty decent.

The season was three episodes that lasted about 88 minutes each. I liked them but I’m not sure I buy off on all of the hype. This thing was on the front of EW a few weeks ago and although it’s been on our radar for a while, that kind of pushed us over the edge.

They are like three mini-movies. Each plot is separate but they all are linked together because Moriarty, Holmes’ arch-enemy, seems to be consistently pulling the strings of various criminals in London.

They’re good. The Holmes/Watson chemistry is solid, much better than the big screen version that came out a few years ago. This TV show is certainly more intelligent but sacrifices big explosions and shootouts. That’s a good thing.

The London scenery is awesome. Gail and I went by 221 Baker Street when we were there. I’m going to need to pay a little more attention to see if they are really using it. We’re in for season two for sure.