W is for Wasted

Kinsey is the best. Any modern, tough, but caring female character stands on the shoulders of Kinsey Milhone. That’s my view, and I’m sticking by it. Luckily, you’ll probably never see her in film, so you won’t get a sexed up and more vulnerable Kinsey that Hollywood would surely desire. Grafton is not selling the rights to Kinsey to anyone.

The W version of Grafton’s alphabet series was another fine book in the series. These women can do no wrong in my mind. I’m a fanboy…I wonder what percent are male fans.

Here’s what’s cool: I’m confident this franchise isn’t going to spoiled by money. I’ve seen interviews and I don’t think Grafton is going to sell out. I feel like it’s a perfect thing that’s always going to be awesome; that there’s this guardian of the purity of the story, Grafton, who’s not going to let anyone mess it up. I trust Grafton, she cares about her legacy, and I’m happy to be involved.

This story has a lot of avenues for the reader to travel down. There’s the basic mystery. There’s the other mystery that the reader doesn’t know is a mystery yet. There’s the cat that Kinsey’s friend brings home to adopt. There’s the boyfriends. There’s the family angle. It’s full of rich stories and comes to a rousing climax with a thoughtful, post-climax oration on the plight of the homeless, which I found informative and touching.

Now Kinsey knows both sides of her family, which gives Grafton fertile ground for giving Kinsey some peace during X, Y, and Z. It gives me something to look forward to for what will probably be 2015, 2017, and 2019. Will it take that long?

Fine with me.