Jericho’s Fall

I consumed two items simultaneously, one book and one TV series, with the word “Fall” in the title. That’s weird. This book, Jericho’s Fall, was written by Stephen Carter. I grabbed it at Open Books because I loved his first book, The Emperor of Ocean Park, from a few years back. They are two slightly different books, Jericho’s Fall is classic thriller and Emperor is a drama/mystery. I liked the drama/mystery much better, this was only so-so.

I read it quickly and the last 100 pages did move at an enjoyably breakneck pace, but I never really connected with things. I didn’t get to know the main character very well and there were too many manipulative plot elements (like the backtracking on the bad person in the big melee at the end and a few abrupt chapter endings to keep a secret that happened off-paper). Part of the problem was that I thought Emperor was masterful so my expectations were off the charts for this book.

I’ll be back for more Carter for sure.