I read every Louis L’Amour western novel over the course of about five years as a kid. It took me from maybe 6th through 10th grade. Hondo was L’Amour’s first and one of the earliest ones I recall reading. I grabbed it at an Open Books member half-price sale earlier this year, and I’ll certainly be on the lookout for grabbing more that way because it was a fun read.

It was short and read like a movie script, but it had good western action and fine character development. Not surprising, I guess, because it was also a classic western film with John Wayne. I really enjoyed this throwback experience and I plan on re-reading a lot more of these.

For me, this is kind of equivalent to a young adult novel or a Harry Potter book. I’m disinterested in those styles, but I know I need escape books. Don’t we all? But I have noticed my escape books are outnumbering deeper experiences this year, I may or may not address that.