Star Trek Into Darkness

I’m a sucker for Big Sci-fi with the word star in it. Gimme some Star Wars or some Star Trek, and I’m going to be amenable for checking it out. In terms of movies containing magic/make believe, that’s my sweet spot.

This was a good movie. It makes me want to watch the TV series. Is that possible? Was the interchange between Kirk and the Enterprise crew this animated in the TV show? I was completely bored by this TV show as a kid. I watched that other space show, the one with Will Robinson. What was that called?

The action sequences in this current iteration were huge and the humor well-placed. The Khan angle makes for a cool sequel lead-in. I couldn’t help but think of Ricardo Montalban.

It did drag on a little. I kept thinking it was going to end, and Gail even said, “Is he dead?” with a tone of disbelief. But it made for some good drama.

One other note: It was interesting to see how the portrayal of women in this movie was ripped by many, especially when compared to Fast and Furious 6. Here’s an article from Slashfilm that got a lot of Tweets. This issue hit my screen before I saw the movie because I follow Felicia Day on Twitter and she had this take on her Tumblr. I’m not sure I would have been so cognizant of the moment had I not been forewarned, but it was pretty gratuitous.

I’m ready for the next installment.