British Lion – Steve Harris

I had some free XM Radio for a week in February and I couldn’t keep the dial off Ozzy’s Boneyard (XM 38). My musical tastes have some range dammit, I’m serious. But in the end 70s heavy metal and 80s hair metal are my favorites. I need me some Iron Maiden, Ozzy, and Dio. I don’t think it’s nostalgia that drives it either. I just like it.

Those genres still live on today through many of the pioneers who continue to churn out new stuff for a fandom that still has some mass. Luckily, the Boneyard sprinkles in some of this new stuff and I was fortunate enough to get a couple of shots of The Chosen Ones by Steve Harris from his first solo album called British Lion. Harris is the bassist for and creative force behind Iron Maiden.

I liked the tune enough to grab the album.

It’s decent metal. It’s mellower than Iron Maiden, with fewer big, melodic, multiple guitar sections. The vocals are good but sometimes get drowned out a little. We won’t even try and compare it to Dickinson, that’s just not fair to anyone since Bruce is the greatest front man in rock ’n roll history.

I like The Chosen Ones. It comes along in the middle of the album and clocks in at a meaty 6:27. It has a Steve Harris signature bass background during the refrain that I like. There’s a Maiden-style interlude with a few interesting guitar riffs. I can see how I got sucked into this.

The only other song that clocks in over six minutes comes right after and is called A World Without Heaven. It’s pop-metal with what feels like familiar chords, which is okay. It starts with blaring guitars that turn quiet with harp-like qualities when the vocals ensue. The lead singer tries to hit some high notes but gets a little flat I think. I don’t care, it’s good stuff.

This stuff is in my wheelhouse and I really enjoy it. I only keep about the last year’s worth of purchases on my phone when I travel and I’ve been turning to this for relaxation purposes rather than digging through my back catalog. That’s saying something.