Downton Abbey – Season Two

We caved and purchased Downton Abbey on iTunes so we could get season two behind us and watch season three real-time in January. It’s something Gail and I share. Cute, huh? That’s part of the attraction – watching it with Gail.

This show is really just a soap opera that doesn’t come with all the guilt and self-loathing. Right? It’s like English lit, man. We’re talking real cultured stuff. The other day Gail and I grabbed lunch at Bar Toma and some real London people came and had a few cocktails with us.

Yeah, accents and all, like Adele.

Anyway, we were able to talk a little about Downton Abbey with them while Hotspur played on the telly. Keep in mind, we couldn’t talk too much about Downton Abbey because it’s already aired over by ’dere.

This show has completely sucked me in and I’m malleable for manipulation. It’s not subtle. The plot twists are huge and come at the tail end of high drama that builds to a frenzy of class warfare and sexual tension. Go ahead, manipulate me!

I’m in this period of anticipation that I’m kind of unfamiliar with. Besides sports, which I never time shift, ever, I usually consume stuff way after the fact and end up playing catch-up with most serial endeavors. I like being in complete control of how I progress through a series, but right now I have some big things hanging open. I’ve lost control. Besides Downton Abbey season three, I’m anxiously awaiting book six of The Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones thing and the next Kinsey Millhone novel.

It could be years before I see anything from the latter two, but Downton Abbey starts on January 6th, which is the night before ND plays in the BCS Championship game against Alabama. That 30 hour period has the chance for some serious sensory overload. That could mean that Monday the 7th will be the most unproductive day of work in the history of mankind.

Bring it on! Maybe it will take my mind off the fact that George R.R. Martin and Sue Grafton are 64 and 72 years old respectively. They both have roughly 2000 pages of stuff to crank out before they decide to hang it up.

Stay focused you two, please. Keep rockin’ it!