Castle – Season Five Premier

You know my wife and I have diverged in our intake of books and screened entertainment, but there’s hope that this part of our relationship has a chance to blossom, especially since it forms the bedrock of how we met. Heck, one of the first conversations I had with her was sparked when I spied a Robert Ludlum book in her possession back in 1986. Ah, memories.

Well, she’s a big fan of Castle so I figured I’d spend some quality time with her one night and take in the season premier on the chance that it would turn into something we share, like we did with Downton Abbey or Luther. It was good, but unfortunately it’s not gonna cut it.

It was funny and snarky with some compelling characters, but just not for me. Hey, I loved Moonlighting. And hey, I think Nathan Fillion’s work in Firefly and Waitress was solid. But I don’t have another cop show/romance thing in me.

(Sorry G, looking forward to season two of Downton Abbey)