Luther – Season Two

This is a creepy show man. It’s just creepy stuff. Yes, I’m talking about a BBC cop show, and I think I’m about ready to lose Gail on this show if it gets much more intense. The nail through the hand in episode two may have put her over the edge.

Luther is cool, but there are plenty other cool characters. That¬†Alice Morgan¬†woman is strange and her relationship with Luther even stranger, but still cool. London has the creepiest serial killers ever and it’s nice to have a smart, creepy nutcase on your side (like Selina Kyle, actually, in relation to the Dark Knight).

So Luther has a new boss – it’s the internal affairs dude from season one. He’s also got a new civilian partner – his ex-wife’s boyfriend from season one. Former adversaries turn into friends/supporters because Luther usually gets things right. There’s also a new detective who’s struggling with Luther’s morality and a young civilian woman in a spot of trouble who Luther is trying to save.

There’s just a lot of plot stuff going on, almost too much.

Additionally, there’s a lot of manipulation going on. I’m talking about people doing dumb, implausible things for the sake of tension and anxiety. It’s only four episodes and two big crimes, each spanning two episodes, so they have to develop this stuff quickly.

It’s warped. Just warped. And sick at times. But it’s also slick, with big, intense, climactic scenes that make you go, “Wow.”

It’s a miniseries. They are supposedly doing a season three that will be another four or so episodes. Who knows. These BBC people don’t seem to conform to TV norms. They seem to take the type of liberties that HBO does with schedules and release dates an such.

Elba really rocks Luther. And the music kicks also. Much like The Wire though, it’s not for the feint of heart.