Hannah’s Bretzel

Prosciutto and Goat Cheese at Hannah's Bretzel in Chicago
The folks at this sandwich shop are the real sandwich artists. I’m serious. Check that thing out. It’s called the Italian Parma Ham and Goat Cheese sandwich and it is 463 calories of amazingness. It’s not cheap. At $9.79, it’s probably only for special occasions like big birthdays (40 and 50) and milestone wedding anniversaries (50 and 75). Okay, maybe even to celebrate breaking 80 for the first time (in golf), but that’s the only sports related celebration I’ll allow for this sammy.

It’s from Hannah’s Bretzel and has the following:

  • Parma ham (sliced in front of you, generously sized  – isn’t that prosciutto?)
  • Goat cheese (spread with care, evenly across every last inch on one half of the bread)
  • Arugula (ton of it)
  • Asparagus (usually three pieces)
  • White truffle oil (classy)

I’m a sandwich guy. Actually, I’m a pizza and sandwich guy. Okay, to be truthful, I’m a doughnut, pizza, and sandwich guy. This thing is so in my wheelhouse. I had it twice in one week a few weeks ago in a rare moment of weakness. That won’t happen again, mostly because there are so many great sandwiches at Hannah’s. I’ve already done myself a disservice by doubling up.

I think DDD needs to get themselves some Hannah’s next time they’re in town.

Check out all of Hannah’s links for the history of this Chicago original. It’s a beautiful website and it’s clear that the owner cares about making great sandwiches. This level of care gets passed down to the staffers also because I watched an especially conscientious sandwich maker train a newbie on making my sandwich one day. There was a lot of sandwich love happening.

Must visit for anyone.

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Hi John,

My name is Scott Perin and I’m one of the directors at Hannah’s Bretzel. Just wanted to thank you for the kind words about our concept. Folks like you are our best form of advertising + we’re happy to have you as a customer!

Hannah’s Bretzel
Über Sandwich Makers®

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