Rise of the Masters – Various Artists

I’ve been keeping my eye on these Amazon Black Friday deals and I found a bunch of classical music on Cyber Monday. I just got 500 works of classical music for $19.95. Sure, I may have been able to find some of this stuff free on the internet because a lot of it may not be under copyright, but downloading and incorporating 500 songs into my library would take hours. This took seconds.

Here’s how I use this stuff. If I’m working and I need background music, I do this:

  1. Fire up a browser
  2. Get into the Amazon Cloud Player
  3. Click on my “Classical” playlist
  4. Hit shuffle
  5. Hit play.

Five steps, but it only takes seconds. It’s with me everywhere I have an internet connection and backed up for the rest of my life. I never, ever have to scurry around to find beautiful background sounds to tune out interruptions and make me relatively productive. Heck, I can even download it to my iTunes library if I want.

In short, > sliced bread.

Gosh I feel young and cool when I do things like that.

So I got 100 works each from the following artists performed by a bunch of different symphony outfits.

  • Brahms
  • Debussy
  • Grieg
  • Schubert
  • Tchaikovsky

That’s it. I can’t recognize any of them and I have no appreciation what-so-ever for the writer, creator, or performer. I’m completely ignorant of classical music (although, one time I recognized a Mozart tune that was used as an intro to some TV news program, or maybe it was Beethoven).

I just know that when I put this stuff on, I can relax and focus.

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Are you kidding me? Amazon marked all of those down to $1.99. I’m buying a bunch more.

I just added Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Handel, Mozart, Schumann, and Vivaldi at $1.99. So now I have 1200 classical music masterpieces at my fingertips for background music.

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