21 – Adele

This was loaned to me by a friend. I let it set around for months without listening. Then I started cranking through it, day after day. Then I started liking it. Then I started feeling guilty that I hadn’t paid for it yet. I mean heck, I’d never heard of Adele and this friend basically forces it on me one day. I had expected to listen a few times then give it back.

Then it hit the rotation so I had no choice but to make the purchase.

This whole old-school, European golf country, female singer thing just kind of crept up on me. I group Adele with the likes of Duffy and Amy Winehouse (RIP). Do I have that right? I can’t say for sure because I’ve never heard any Amy Winehouse, but I have a Duffy album, and it’s similarly good.

The two hits seem to be Rolling In The Deep and Set Fire To The Rain. And they are cool. Here voice just seems to move around a lot in both songs. You know, hitting some high notes, then some scratchy, throaty low notes. I don’t know, just listen to it. Cool stuff.

Then there’s this song Someone Like You. It’s the last one on the album. Check it out at the VMA’s. Damn, that’s pretty perfect. No lip-syncing happening there. This 21 year-old is not messing around. She’s clearly invested in this song.