The Ringer

The author of this book is an ND grad, which often motivates me to purchase, although not as often as I expected. I love the page in ND Magazine where they list the new published works by ND authors. I went through my book list and noted that I’ve only read three books by ND grads.

Damn. Feels like more than that. Oh well.

This is a drama of sorts and the first book by Jenny Shank. It’s a story told from the perspective of two people, one a single mother who’s estranged husband was shot dead in a botched drug raid, and the other the cop who killed him. They come together in the city of Denver through the sport of baseball, in which both of their sons are actively involved. Shank pretty much alternates chapters between the two perspectives and edges closer to the inevitable meeting between the two.

I liked the story and it kept me interested. The Denver angle was cool because it’s a town I love and one that I’m somewhat familiar with (relatives live there). The sports (baseball) angle was cool because I’m a sports junkie. This book had a lot of stuff going for it.

I want to read more and I’d like to see a follow-up to this. The perspectives of the two main characters were running parallel throughout the book so I thought they would be treated equally at the end, but it was weighted towards one. Makes me think she’s keeping these characters around for another book. Good ending though, it was surprising and creative.

I will keep her name in mind and when her next book comes out I’ll certainly grab it.