As it says in the sidebar/footer, I’m John Steffen and I write stuff here (I repeat this because you may be on a phone, at which point the sidebar gets pushed to the bottom of the page, out of eyeshot). The sidebar/footer has several ways to reach me, but your best bet is to use Twitter. I use the handle @quickjstef and I’m in there multiple times a day, paying relatively close attention to my mentions. If you don’t tweet, follow this link for other social networks I use.


Check out the Archives page, it has some recent posts and a listing of all the post titles grouped conveniently for browsing. It’s a good overview of what’s here.

You can subscribe to my RSS feed through your reader of choice. I only have one feed and it includes the full text of every post. When you go to the feed, you’ll have the option to get the posts emailed to you whenever I publish. I won’t share your information with anyone.


WordPress is the platform that drives this site. It’s really cool software – simple, flexible, powerful. Additionally, it’s completely free and very well supported. I’ve been to a couple WordCamps and I’m impressed with the level of passion surrounding WordPress. They’re people who care, for sure.

When I’m writing content, I start almost every post in Elements on the iPhone, which is a highly functional text editor with Markdown previews built in. I usually tweak and edit posts on my laptop and then use Marked to preview how it will look on the web. These are some awesome, reasonably priced software tools that let me focus on the writing.

Focus is what I need. My writing is pretty bad. I know.