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Ho. Ly. Smokes. This Netflix Original about a screwed-up family who owns a resort in the Florida Keys was pretty damn awesome. I had to fight off the urge to binge watch because it was compelling stuff. I really need to visit the Keys.


This is a miniseries based on a famous series of books about this British guy who almost gets killed during the Revolutionary War and comes back to find an England far different from the one he left. It has a lot of beautiful Cornwall scenery. It was good enough that Gail and I are looking forward to a season 2.

Stop at Nothing

This is the Lance Armstrong documentary that he probably doesn’t want you to see. It’s intense and contains extensive interviews with Tyler Hamilton, Frankie Andreu, Betsy Andreu, Greg LeMond, and the reporter who tried to bust Lance from the get-go (not sure about his name). It’s a deep dive into how insidious this scandal was. Shocking stuff.


So yeah, beside Brit period pieces, it seems that trashy Brit thrillers are my thing also. I’m shallow. This was barely okay, but I don’t regret the time I spent with it.

Step Into Liquid

This is a surf documentary that everyone should see. I watched it for the first time over a decade ago before my first trip to Hawaii and I never get sick of it. I love the surf culture, even though I’ve never done it before.

Far from the Madding Crowd

I love watching this kind of movie with Gail because I know it just brings her such joy. Ever since the mid 90s when she roped me into seeing Sense and Sensibility I’ve been a big fan of the Brit period piece. The word that kept popping into my head during this movie was sumptuous. It was well done.

Downton Abbey – Season Five

This thing has run it’s course pretty much. Oh, we still watched, but it doesn’t have the same zip that it did a few years ago. It remains an important program for Gail and I for nostalgic reasons because it’s the first show we discovered when we nuked cable about five years ago. We have cable back, don’t worry, but this reminds us that no big cable conglomerate will ever have control over our lives (at least “complete” control). Continue reading