Cover Her Face

This is the first in the Adam Dalgliesh mysteries by P. D. James. Gail has been a fan for decades so I thought I’d crack one open and see what the big deal is. This is a post-WWII murder mystery that takes place on an estate in the English countryside. The local police don’t appear to be to handle it so DCI Adam Dalgliesh (that’s Detective Chief Inspector for those unfamiliar with British police ranks) from Scotland Yard is called in.

This is a good mystery full of interesting characters that span the social classes. Some are strong and resolute, some are conniving and tricky, and some are pathetic and weak. Many of the stereotypical characters from British stories are portrayed and I can line up certain people with those in Downton Abbey.

There’s a lot to love about this series and I’m ready for the second book.


At the very end, a meeting between Dalgliesh and Deb Briscoe (one of the suspects, but not the perpetrator) portends a romance of some sort. I was somewhat shocked, which is good. Surprise at the end of mystery books is always good, especially if it’s part of a series.