This was a great flick. Highly original and highly entertaining. It got some killer reviews globally but never really got any traction in the US. Gail and I queued it up on Netflix one evening and ended up really liking the experience. Once again, Gail gets most of the credit for the find.

The plot is relatively straightforward. The world has an¬†environmental catastrophe and freezes over. The only survivors are on this huge train that runs with some sort of perpetual motion. Every economic sector of society is represented on this train and, as you can imagine, the poor people are in the back. You’d guess right if you said, “I bet the poor people want to get to the front.”¬†If it were that simple, I’d still say this is an awesome flick.

It’s not that simple though and the mix of high action and intelligence is first rate. The train thing throws some cool action curveballs and the standard story of “poor people need to stay in their place” gets an update.

Not happy, but cool.