The Bletchley Circle

Stephen King did me right a few days ago with Parker, so why not let him keep going. This British TV drama was one of his favorite TV shows of the year. It was more like a movie though, it consisted of three parts of 45 minutes each and Gail and I watched them consecutively. That’s not binge-watching by the way, too short. I don’t binge-watch TV shows because I don’t have the attention span. I can barely stay in a football game for three hours.

This is about four women who cracked codes during WWII then went on to lead extremely boring lives after the war. They couldn’t even tell anybody about all the cool things they did during the war because of the “Official Secrets Act” (not even their husbands). They’re brought back together when one of them notices a pattern in a series of murders in London and rounds up the old crew to see if their code breaking experience can help the police track down the killer.

As you would expect in a structured, male-dominated society like England in 1950, nobody listens to the women. That’s okay, they press on. It was good. Top 10 of 2013? Not sure, I may not have watched 10 different TV series in the last twelve months.