Homeland – Season Two

I had to kind of drag Gail into this, but she got hooked big time. After watching the conclusion last night she proclaimed, “That was so much better than season one!” I can’t disagree. It will be hard waiting for season three to hit iTunes without getting spoilers.

It’s contrived and off-the-charts implausible, but non-stop and quickly paced. You don’t have time to blow holes in the plot because something freaky happens and you’re on to the next big intrigue. It’s like drinking from a fire hose, I’d imagine.

I remarked about how poorly they played drunks in season one (compared to Denzel in Flight). That may have been a cheap shot, so I want to mention something that Claire Danes does better that anyone in film right now. She cries. The woman can put on the crying, unstable, emotionally wrenched, slightly crazy face like no one I’ve ever seen. It’s awesome and happens throughout the episodes.

I didn’t predict anything in this really. I’m usually pretty good about getting some predictions in the ball park. We’ll see, I did say Quinn is in love with Carrie, but that’s inconclusive.