Fast and Furious 6

This was bad, but I liked it, which is the worst possible scenario. The scenes fit into four categories: chase, fight, humorous interlude, plot. They got half of them right. Batting .500 really isn’t that bad when you think about it. I’m not talking about thinking really hard about it, just thinking.

The chases, as you would expect, were excellent. They were pretty inventive, and the size and scope of them made the hokeyness acceptable. They’re the backbone of the movie, done right.

The fight scenes are where this movie really nailed things. They were well-scripted and well-executed. The confined-space fight in the prison was notable and the general moving-vehicle fights were on par with anything out there. Also, it unequivocally had the best girlfight in American cinematic history (there were two, I’m talking about the first one).

I thought the humor fell flat. I chuckled a couple of times, but for the most part, it wasn’t very funny. The plot was what you would expect. Don’t go if you’re going to complain about plot elements.

I’ll say this, at least I didn’t feel dumber when I left.

Afterwords, Gail and I ordered a BLT pizza from Paula and Monica’s and consumed most of it. Hey, two thirds of BLT are vegetables. Don’t judge.