Wise Mind Open Mind

I’ve taken a look back at the self-help I’ve read. Excluding business and excluding instructional stuff I’ve consumed a fair amount. It’s about a dozen over the last six + years, which puts me at a solid two per year. It seems like I should be doing a lot more improving and a lot less sliding back into bad habits with that type of volume.

I’m not sure what the problem is. Here’s the five-step process for self-improvement that I’m using and I can’t figure out where it’s breaking down. Maybe you can help.

  1. Read book.
  2. Write and talk about how great book is.
  3. Relate the insights and ideas to my life.
  4. Make proclamations about what I’m going to do to change my life.
  5. Do nothing.

That last could be where it breaks down I think. Maybe I have an execution problem.

Of course I have an execution problem.

But I think I can give meditation a whirl. Here’s how the book says it’s done:

  1. Get into a comfortable posture (could be an “ergonomic office chair with lumbar support”).
  2. Focus your eyes (closed, pick a spot, make sure eye muscles are relaxed).
  3. Pay attention to your breathing (“In” and “Out”, or whatever).
  4. Place your hands in a relaxing and energizing mudra (hand position).
  5. Be aware (don’t analyze, observe, but go ahead and categorize some things).
  6. Slowly come back to ordinary consciousness (three breaths, rub palms together, place on eyes, slowly open eyes and stretch arms over head, loosen up, record stuff in mindfulness journal).

The goal is to do this for 20-30 minutes, twice a day, but they say start simple with ten minutes once a day, every day, and build from there.

This book is packed with reasons why you should meditate and the benefits of meditating and living a mindful lifestyle. I liked it, I wonder if it will stick. It’s late April and I’m going to do my first session this week. Ask me in a month if I’m still doing it.