The Avengers

Somewhere, between sci-fi and fantasy, falls the super hero sub-genre. Of these three sub-genres, super hero is my least favorite; it seems to distract from the social commentary and political intrigue often present in the other two. That should set the scene for my take on this movie.

As an action flick, this is solid. And the conflagration of super hero talents, sensibilities, strengths, and weaknesses makes for great fun and some thoughtful story lines. But I left it feeling kind of empty.

The overriding feeling is that I’m glad I didn’t see it at theatre (Gail and I rented it on iTunes). The visual effects are stunning, even on a 46″ LED, but not enough to round things out and make it a great cinematic experience. It’s a decent comedic experience because Robert Downey Jr. is hilarious at times, but it gets old.

I don’t know why I keep seeing these super hero movies. We should have rented Looper.