Chicago Golf Trip 2012

I had some friends in for a celebration in August and we played a handfull of great golf courses in Chicagoland. I’m back-dating this post so I have some flow to all of my golf posts for 2012. I’m also kind of schlocking this together just because I want to have a complete record of 2012 in the books for rounds played.

I played five rounds in three days and was cashed at the end of day three. Here they are, for posterity.

Cog Hill Dubsread
Cog Hill Dubsdread #4 2012-08-23

Cog Hill Ravines
Cog Hill Ravines #2 2012-08-23

Stonewall Orchard
Stonewall Orchard 2012-08-24

Harborside Starboard
Harborside Starboard 2012-08-25

Harborside Port
Harborside Port 20120825