The Dark Knight Rises

This thing was big. Just huge. I never got bored, despite it’s length and girth. The opening scene with the air hijacking was just the beginning of some crazy special effects. I think this was easily the best Batman movie ever and maybe the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen. I’m not a big fan of superhero movies though, so don’t put too much stock in that last comment.

The only drawback was that the voice manipulation for Bane and Batman was a little distracting. It was just hokey. I don’t get it, it sounded like Sean Connery talking with James Earl Jones. It seems to have served them right though so who am I to knock it.

There were two sitings of actors formerly from The Wire, if I’m not mistaken. Carcetti was the CIA guy in the opening scene and Bunny Colvin was a random army guy late in the movie. That’s cool.

How cool? Let me explain.

I saw a great article the other day called Screensavers from a publication called Prospect Magazine about a couple who watches TV together. The moral of the story is that they find the experience quite constructive. It was interesting because G and I do TV kind of like the people in the story, just in much smaller quantities. It was also cool because the author mentions this fascination with identifying characters from The Wire in other movies and TV shows. I do that.

Glad to hear I’m not too strange.