Arrested Development – Season One

This is funny stuff. It’s cool, funny stuff. It’s so wry and obtuse and, dare I say, edgy, that you can’t help but feel like you could hang out with the cool people who constantly spew out quotes from cutting edge comedies. Of course you can’t, but you can still watch this cancelled show, a decade after it was cool, on your iPhone, during stolen 22 minutes blocks of your life.

I’m channeling myself, sorry.

As far as comedic notes go, this hits them all for me. It’s not for everybody though. My wife gets bored fast. We don’t share many of the same tastes in comedy. Drama is another story.

When they played Taking Care of Business as the background music for burning down the banana stand or when Henry Winkler started to comb his hair in the bathroom mirror and pulled a Fonzy move, I got very satisfying chuckles. I didn’t get huge, uncontrollable laughs and I didn’t feel a burning urge to rush through this. Heck, it took my like six months to get through all 23 episodes.

But every episode was fun and inventive. It was very comforting to know that I had a stack of 20 minute time-wasters in my pocket at any time. Talk about an escape – a mental break – this was it for me in the first half of this year.