Ironman 2

Did Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) call the senator (Garry Shandling) an ass-clown? I think he did. What is this movie rated? PG-13. I think Jon Favreau is spending too much time reading the Urban Dictionary. Maybe Tony Stark would say such a thing. I don’t know. He seems pretty arrogant but his heart is in the right place I guess.

You have to understand: superheroes have flaws. You gotta take the good with the bad.

This is a cute movie. The opening fight scene is worthy and there is plenty of humor. The special effects are cool. It makes you think, man, we’ve come a long way since Minority Report (referencing the scene where they use their hands with air-touch-holograph method to sort through information and the like).

The cast of characters is strong. Samuel L. Jackson as head of this do-good group of superheroes is somewhat fitting. I don’t know much about these superhero comics, but the back story is highly appreciated by many fans. I posed this question to someone in the know the other day, “Who is this character played by Samuel L. Jackson?” Boy did I get an earful.

I guess his name is Nick Fury. How was I supposed to know that? Did they say his name during the movie at all? I think not. And Scarlett Johansson’s character has like three names. I’m a geek about certain things, but Marvel Comics is not one of them.

Did I mention that AC/DC and Garry Shandling are featured prominently? You really can’t go wrong with that.