Game of Thrones – Episode Two

So yeah, after watching Talking Funny, I hung around HBO a little longer and caught this hour-long episode of Game of Thrones. It’s an HBO series based on the books by author George R.R. Martin. I saw some headlines weeks ago about this HBO series but I had no idea what it was. I ignored them because we don’t have HBO and I don’t do TV series in real time. The only TV series I’m watching right now is season two of The Wire (2003).

Game of Thrones was cool. I read about one sci-fi/fantasy book a year and I think the first book of this series will be it. I would rather read it than watch it. Sure, if it’s great I’ll probably grab the video in a few years, but I read very little fantasy so I need to be highly selective. Heck, I’ve seen an hour of the story and I’m comfortable that the plot and characters appear interesting, so let’s do this.

I’ve heard it described as “Lord of the Rings for Americans.” I’m not sure where I heard that or why they said it. Martin is American, but the show seems to have a lot of British accents and uses the whole king and royalty schtick. Hmmm, whatever. I’ll know more in a few months. I’ll probably read it this summer, especially if I get to a beach or pool.